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Insulation is the most effective way to improve the energy efficiency of a home or building. Insulation of the building envelope helps keep heat in during the winter and out in summer to improve comfort and save energy. An uninsulated home is subject to a 25% – 35% loss or gain of temperature in both summer and winter months, this is through your roof alone. Our goal is to make your living or work space as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. We offer a complete range of insulation systems to cater for all roof designs. Contact us for Insulation Johannesburg.

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Most people don’t spend much time crawling around in their roof space and so it may never occur to you what may be lurking above you. For this very reason it is a good idea to have your roof cleaned. The following points are but a few issues which can be identified in the process: Roof leaks, damaged or perished insulation materials, odour identifcation and removal, rodent nests and the most common of them all, years of dust and dirt build up. Upon cleaning your ceiling we issue you with a full inspection report and recommendation based on your circumstances. This service is also often provided in conjunction with our roof insulation service.

Floor Insulation Johannesburg


Most of the energy transfers in a home occur through the roof although the floor plays a vital roll as heat is lost through all directions. Floor insulation is most commonly done when putting a new floor in place therefore the best time to install insulation is at construction phase although can be retrofitted. If you have solid wooden floors, fibreglass insulation is an ideal solution for providing thermal and acoustic performance. A floor that is not insulated will lose up to 20 per cent of internal heating or cooling.



Over the years, awareness of the effects of global warming and the importance of green and energy efficient solutions across various fields has grown significantly. At the same time, costs have escalated at an alarming rate and demand for affordable solutions has never been greater.

Radiant Heat Barrier roof coating addresses both of these issues. By reflecting the sun’s heat back into the atmosphere, it is not absorbed into the roof sheets and emitted into the building, thus reducing the temperature within the building between 8 – 12 degrees celsius. Our roof spray painting is done by means of airless spray and not your standard painting methods. This reduces the time spent painting by up to 90% making ​it more cost effective.

Why is insulation important?

Insulation is the most cost effective and energy efficient way to keep a home cool in the summer and heated in the winter. It saves as much 85% of heating and cooling losses, which translates to substantial savings on electricity bills. With price increases and basic necessities becoming almost unaffordable, everyone is looking for a way to reduce costs and save money.

We offer a tried and tested ceiling and roof insulation system installed to manufacturer specifications. We have a solution for all roof types which include: Flat concrete roofs, tiled roofs and metal roofs.

Approved Applicators

SA Insulation Pty Ltd are approved applicators for all products offered. You are guaranteed quality workmanship and best value for money services.


All insulation we install is 100% environmentally friendly and non-allergic, ensuring that your family is safer, healthier and more comfortable.

Energy Saving

The growing energy crisis and cost has forced a need to conserve energy and reduce electricity usage. Insulation helps you save by limiting heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.